Start Early, Stay Ahead

Nowadays, students in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai etc. are preparing for IIT JEE as early as class VIII & grabbing a major chunk of the top ranks in merit list every year.

Do you believe it’s wise to leave your ward with only one attempt & one year to compete with such students?

We recommend you to start as early as you can to stay ahead in the fiercely competitive race and prepare successfully with minimal stress. The later you start, the more pressure you face.

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What Student says

I am Aman Bhandula of Trailblazer batch of Scholars Den. I have cleared JEE (Advanced) in my very first attempt under the guidance of Vivek Sir and the whole team of Scholars Den. I would like to give the credit to V.T. sir for me. He is more than a teacher and like a real mentor.

In a city like Moradabad, where, parents are forcing their children to make sure to have a decent board percentage, Scholars Den has started an unforeseen trend of being good in both IIT as well as boards.

I would like to thank Scholars Den team to play such a prominent role from the beginning to the day, I have achieved my goal. The study material, they have provided, was sufficient in quality and quantity as well.

Aman Bhandula
Aman BhandulaAIR 6930, JEE(Adv) 2016

I am Gaurav Saini, the student of Scholars Den for one year. I joined Scholars Den after 12th. I found it unique from any other institutes of any other place and my home city Moradabad. All the teachers gave me full support for my study & preparation. I came to know that any other institutes don’t give attention to 12th Pass-out batches.

I thank VT sir for giving me the perfect guidance for my preparation & study. I especially thank YS sir for giving me feeling in Chemistry. I also thank PK sir for supporting me & giving interest in Physics.

I would recommend all students to be a part of Scholars Den for their best results. Lastly, I want to say, “The best is here why go anywhere”.

Thanks, Scholars Den.

Gaurav Saini
Gaurav SainiAIR 3750, JEE(Adv) 2016

I am Rishabh Jain, student of Scholars Den. Faculty of Scholars Den is best not even in Moradabad but also of Kota/Delhi.

Scholars Den is the only & the best coaching in Moradabad. I recommend all the parents not to send their children to Kota/Delhi. There are lots of distractions there. I have seen many of my friends ruining their JEE by going there. The study material & DPPs are necessary & sufficient.

I recommend all my juniors to join Scholars Den for effective & strategic studies

Rishabh Jain
Rishabh JainAIR 10367, JEE(Adv) 2015

I am Arpit Agrawal. I joined Scholars Den after 12th. I found it different from other institutes of Kota/Delhi. Teachers of Scholars Den gave me true guidance while at the same time other institutes have made it business.
I first went to Kota and after 15 days I realized that they don’t give attention to the 12th pass out batches. They focus only on topper batches of long-term programs. I recommend to JEE aspirants to identify true excellence and to stop creating hype of Kota/Delhi.

In last I thank Scholars Den.

Arpit Agarwal
Arpit AgarwalAIR 2131, JEE(Adv) 2015

I am Pranav Agarwal, the student of Scholars Den for two-year classroom course (2013-2015).
Like all other children in our locality, I have the perception to do well on Boards first and then think of my competitive examination. But when I joined Scholars Den, I came to know about the reality that if you focus on you’re JEE preparation, and then Boards can be easily cracked.

I got 94.33% in PCM and 168 marks in JEE (Mains) and AIR 8880 in JEE (Advanced) 2015. I especially thank VT sir that he gave me feeling in Mathematics. I also want to thank P.K. sir that he supported me a lot during my JEE preparation. I would strongly recommend all students to join Scholars Den for their best results.

Pranav Agarwal
Pranav AgarwalAIR 8880, JEE(Adv) 2015

I am Ayushi Rastogi, the student of Elevator, Trailblazer & Performer form Scholars Den. I joined Scholars Den in XI standard. At that time, I didn’t know at all, what and how were the preparation tactics. But as time passed, I gradually got to know, what actually IIT is and focused more on what not to do in its preparation, rather than over what to do.

I feel that it is very important to clear your doubts at the earliest as they can hamper your marks drastically after that. The more you ask, the more you gain. The faculty at Scholars Den is worth applause. It’s all because of the teachers that we are able to set this benchmark. I would especially thank V.T. sir (as he is called among students), for giving immense guidance, valuable tips and techniques to crack IIT-JEE.

And yes, for best results, I would say, SCHOLARS DEN: STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

Ayushi Rastogi
Ayushi Rastogi AIR 6394, JEE(Adv) 2016

I am Pooja, student of Scholars Den from last 3 years. I joined Scholars Den in Class XI. I thank all the teachers for this proper guidance & especially V.T. sir who always motivate me. All the study materials & DPPs are necessary & sufficient for cracking IIT-JEE.

I strongly recommend all my juniors to join Scholars Den for their best.

Pooja Meena
Pooja MeenaAIR 319, JEE(Adv) 2016

With AIR 3993 in JEE (Advanced) and a score of 238 in JEE (Mains), I Aishwarya Agarwal, student of Scholars Den for 2 year classroom program, heartily wish to thank the entire team of Scholars den, not only for their guidance and study material but also for their tremendous support and motivation required during the preparation.

I especially wish to thank Anjali Mam that she taught me Mathematics and helped me to build approach and concept in a subject that otherwise always seemed to be very tough. With the words of VT sir: “A dream is not that what you see when you are asleep, it is what that takes away your sleep.” I always felt encouraged throughout my preparation.

Scholars Den: A true Temple of Education
…..a lighting lamp in a dark forest….

Aishwarya Agarwal
Aishwarya AgarwalAIR 3993, JEE(Adv) 2016

Benefits of us

Most Advanced Study Material

Our study material comprises of comprehensive theory, ample illustration & three – four problem exercises for adequate practice, supplemented by DPPs (Daily Practice Problems).

Small Batch Size

We keep a batch size of 20-30 students for Silex to Xceed, 30-50 for Elevator/Trailblazer & 50/70 for Performer/Poise as compared to average batch size of 100-300 in big coaching hubs.

Individual Attention & Care

We work hard to get the best out of your child’s potential by providing extra classes, clearing doubts, motivation & counseling. Instead of pressurizing the students, we lead them to enjoy their preparations

Good Family Support

The comfort and proximity of family care is a big plus for the rigorous preparation of IIT-JEE as opposed to being the chaos of cramped student settlements in the big coaching hubs. It ’s a common occurrence that students succumb to the stress of living in these places.

Our USPs

Updated Study Material

A chapter wise study package designed in sync with the latest pattern of IIT JEE with exhaustive collection of quality problems. We Provide separate Board-level exercise for covering school curriculum exclusively.

Daily Practice Problem

A unique set of problems synchronized with the flow of ongoing classroom teaching to generate strong foundation of each and every topic, as  sound concept are the key to success in IIT JEE

Doubt Clearing Cell

Despite best effort to cater to everyone’s needs in the classroom there may remain individual doubts and queries for which we provide one-on-one interaction with the faculty in doubt clearing cell

Scholars Den Test Series

We organized separate tests on Board/ JEE (Main) / JEE (Advanced) patterns with sample coverage of all topics taught till date to keep the student focused toward performance in the real exam.

Regular Communication

We keep the parents informed not only about the progress of their ward but also about their attendance record.

A Word of Advice

The best is here, Why go anywhere?

The best is here, Why go anywhere?

The results from the institutes in the coaching hubs are largely attributed to students from four-year/two-year courses. There are many students who have switched to Scholars Den after studying at the ‘big brand’ institutes for a year or two. These students and their parents have appreciated the quality of education @ Scholars Den.

Your child needs good coaching, he needs you too!

The charm of big city life and life without restrictions usually proves fatal for the career of students, as far as success in IIT JEE is concerned. Family supervision and support plays a cruicial role in the rigorous preparations. Almost every top ranker in IIT JEE for past many years has stayed with his/her family during preparation years.

Special Assistance Classes for Hindi Medium students

Classes in leading engineering colleges are conducted in English which causes great difficulty for students who have prepared for entrance exams in Hindi Medium. We provide English language classes and regular assistance to U P Board students.

Learning with fun

Games, movies and events

Meditation & Yoga

Art of Living sessions

Doubt Clearing Cell

Readily available faculty

Study Room

7 AM to 10 PM AC & CCTV monitored

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