Xceed Course is for Class XStart Early – Stay Ahead: We prepare you for JEE(Main & Advanced) in a holistic way. Scholars Den students excel not only in JEE (Main & Advanced) but other Engineering Entrance Exams (e. g. UPSEE, VITEEE) NTSE & Board exams also. Our courses for competitive exam preparations are in sync with Board preparation thereby ensuring excellent results at both levels.

Xceed is the ideal program for students who wish to start early in their endeavour to get into IITs. Many important concepts in JEE(Main & Advanced) syllabus are based on the fundamentals of class IX and X syllabus. his course is designed to build strong conceptual foundations for JEE(Main & Advanced) along with NTSE preparation. It also ensures excellence in School Exams, enhancing the student’s IQ level & analytical ability and develop parallel thinking processes from a very early stage. Students joining this course have ample time to work on the fundamentals and practice extensively for JEE (Advanced).

WHY Start preparation in class X?

IITs have restricted the number of attempts for IIT-JEE to just two chances– one along with XII board exams and the second one in the following year. IIT aspirants should aim to succeed in IIT-JEE in the first attempt itself and not leave it to the last attempt facing extreme pressure of do or die situation and fear of failure.

Three-four decades ago, it was the norm to start preparation for IIT-JEE just after XI and at the beginning of XII, but even then to get Top Ranks you had to begin your preparation at the commencement of XI itself. Later on, it became a trend to start preparation at the beginning of class XI and devote at least two years to prepare rigorously for IIT JEE. Now, with the heightened competition and only two attempts for JEE(Advanced), only the extremely talented students end up with top ranks by starting their IIT-JEE preparation in XI. In such a scenario, it’s a wise choice to start as early as class IX or X to achieve good rank in the common merit least of JEE(Advanced).

Course Features:

  • Regular Classroom Coaching
  • Extensive coverage of all topics of class X school curriculum with introduction of certain topics of class XI and XII
  • Each topic is followed by exhaustive DPPs and Major Tests: NTSE Pattern, JEE Main Pattern, JEE Advanced Pattern, Board Pattern
  • Lays solid foundation of basic concepts of all the subjects
  • Concept building & gradual improvement in the performance of the students
  • Develops quick analytical thinking & systematic problem solving skills
  • Good practice of JEE problems which ensure the clarity of every small doubt
  • Subjects Covered: Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Mental Ability
  • Comprehensive Study Package
  • Mock Board Test Papers
  • NTSE Mock Test Papers
  • Regular counselling, motivation, feedbacks & test analysis sessions
  • Additional help for IX School Exams and X Board Exams
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions

Class Schedule:

Classes will be held for 2-3 days a week with two lectures on Saturday and two/three lectures on Sunday. Frequency of classes will be increased to 3-4 days a week during school vacations. The course will be completed by January end.

Target JEE(Main & Advanced) 2020 + NTSE 2017
Class X
Course Name Xceed
Course Code XC
Eligibility Class IX appearing/IX Passed
Who Should Join Class IX appearing/IX Passed
Medium of Studies English
Subject Offered Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English
Course Commencement 06.04.2017
Course Ends 31.01.2018
Admission Process Admission through S. DAT.(Scholars Den Admission Test)


Tuition Fee ₹ 38,261
Service Tax ₹ 5,739
One-Time Payment ₹ 44,000
In 2 Installments ₹ 46,200
Installment I ₹ 27,720
Installment II ₹ 18,480
In 3 Installments ₹ 47,520
Installment I ₹ 23,760
Installment II ₹ 14,256
Installment III ₹ 9,504
In 4 Installments ₹ 49,280
Installment I ₹ 19,712
Installment II ₹ 12,320
Installment III ₹ 9,856
Installment IV ₹ 7,392