Mission Statement

Our Mission

A big percentage of IIT toppers are from small cities/ towns/ villages every year. Unfortunately, most of them had to move out from their native place, leaving their families behind, for getting training for competitive exams at the coaching hubs in other cities. They have to face lots of issues at these new places at a tender age which certainly affects their performance. On the other hand, these coaching hubs increase their shine claiming their results which rightly belongs to their native place. With the support and supervision of family and sound nurturing of their talent at hometown coaching, a much more resounding success can come to the amazing talent of small cities. Instead of that, what comes to these hubs of talent, is a drain of resources to other cities along with being a psychological drain on many families.

Due to mega advertising of fudged results and manipulated statistics, the established coaching hubs present an attractive picture of “All is well” to lure the talent of a large number of cities/ towns/ villages. In reality, the success ratio is as low as 2% in many of these institutes despite attracting the best students from across the country. Let’s take one famous coaching hub in Rajasthan for example, where close to 50, 000 students were being trained for JEE ‘2014 out of which less than 1, 000 students got through to IITs. That translates to a success ratio of approx. 2%. According to IIT Kanpur report on JEE-2012 (the last time IIT JEE (now JEE-Adv)) was held separately from AIEEE (now JEE (Main)), about 5 lacs applicants competed for 9600 seats in 16 IITs. That translates to an intake ratio of approx. 2%. That means an applicant for JEE (Main & Adv), has 2% chance of success whereas the chances of a student spending two years in this place at a cost of close to Rs 4 lacs along with putting his board exam preparations at high risk, is just 2%.

It is a mission of Scholars Den to provide top quality education to the deserving students, right at thier dwelling place to that the trap set by the highly “commercialised” insitute prove ineffective. we have taken the vow to provide quality education to the small city and village student who deserve a seat at premier insitute of higher education in the country.